Safa Marwa

Using LABBAIK, you can now exist in an astonishingly realistic 3D rendition of Safa and Marwah. You will feel as if you are actually walking along the famous paths of Safa and Marwah, along with pilgrims of all races and sects. Learn all the traditions and rituals needed to fulfil the requirements during this important stage of Hajj and Umrah, BEFORE you arrive there.


Labbaik VR delivers a breathtaking 360° view of the most sacred of places in Islam – the Holy Kaaba. The magnificent virtual reality representation of the Grand Kaaba and the surrounding vicinity is mapped to the actual dimensions of the Masjid Bayt ul Haram, with breathtaking accuracy and painstaking detail. Pilgrims using Labbaik VR for training will experience an accurate, realistic preview. In addition, Labbaik VR will enable trainees to easily learn all the ritual prayers that have to be recited at the actual location of Tawaf.


Experience the moment of standing on one of the bridges of Jamaraat and throwing pebbles at the pillars. Familiarize yourself with this amazingly accurate Virtual Reality environment of Jamaraat and learn the holy rituals you need to perform there. Teach yourself and your children the Islamic faith using state-of-the-art VR technology.

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LABBAIK VR is the WORLD’S FIRST fully developed, state-of-the-art, 3D Virtual Reality Hajj and Umrah Simulator.

Hajj is the definitive journey that every Muslim pilgrim yearns to undertake. Yet, many pilgrims are confused about the correct way to perform the sacred rituals, as well as knowing the locations of the holy landmarks.

Current hajj training programs are ineffective, as they fail to provide a visual representation of the holy locations and the hajj rituals to the trainee.

LABBAIK VR is a one-stop workshop that trains Hajj and Umrah pilgrims how to perform the complete set of Hajj rituals in a REALISTIC 3D VERSION of the holy locations in Makkah.

This enables quicker, easier learning and enhanced retention of the information taught to the pilgrims.

LABBAIK VR is a highly useful tool that governments of Muslim countries can use to provide quality hajj training. Projected on a large immersive display screen, Labbaik VR is ideal for training large groups of pilgrims and cutting on training time.

Parents can use LABBAIK VR to teach Hajj Rituals and Duas to their children in an interesting and engaging manner.

LABBAIK VR also features a series of hands-on video tutorials for performing Hajj, which can be learnt easily with the aid of the OCULUS device. Trainers can even upload their own tutorials on LABBAIK VR to cater to all sects and races.

Features: Holy Kaaba precincts, the Arafat grounds, Muzdalifah, Jamarat and other holy locations.

This simulator will not be a luxury but a necessity.

- H.E. Dr. Osama Bin Fadl Al Bar, Honorable Mayor of Makkah.

We train Hajis for months and still they come back with blank faces. We need something like this where our words can be given the visual backing while teaching them.

- Chief Imam Ustaz Hj Hazarudin Bin Hj Baharudin, Tanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in Putrajaya, KL, Malaysia.











LABBAIK VR will also come with a downloadable mobile app.

The LABBAIK VR mobile app is a one-stop solution for all Hajj and Umrah pilgrims who want to easily perform all the necessary hajj rites, without any hassles.


  • Designed to facilitate the hajji during the ENTIRE pilgrimage process
  • High-end 2D version of LABBAIK VR 3D
  • Includes all hajj tutorials, guides and visual demos in the VR 3D model
  • Contains tracking and location device features to guide the pilgrim during Hajj.

Location and Tracking features:

The LABBAIK VR app aims to ensure that Hajjis don’t get lost or stranded from their families or their home base, during the Hajj rites.

The Location device will point out all the important holy locations to the pilgrim. If someone gets lost during the Hajj, our advanced tracking feature will easily locate the person via their downloaded LABBAIK VR app.You an download the app vis this link :

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